Iran Energy services

We have flagship knowledge and expertise on Iran's oil and gas and power industry. Our team, with nearly two decades experience of working, studying and consulting on Iranian energy industry, has built a unique database with detailed information and data of Iran’s upstream, downstream, petrochemical, production and export. Our unique Iran energy database, multi-client studies and tailored reports and analysis have been leading source of information on Iran’s energy market. We track and monitor Iranian oil and gas well performance and production, undergoing upstream and downstream project developments, investment regulations and upstream investment contracts, government’s petroleum and power production and export policy and politics. We deliver our insights on Iran's energy industry, trade, and policy through tailored and multi-client reports and studies. We also provide regular briefings and detailed reports for our retainer clients.


  • Latest developments in Iran's upstream and downstream markets and oil and gas field production
  • Real time information on ongoing upstream and downstream oil and gas projects as well as the petrochemical industry

  • Updated information on Iran’s electricity and power sectors

  • Supply, demand, and price data on Iranian oil, gas, refined petroleum products, and electricity

  • Political and economic updates and analysis with a specific focus on the energy industry

  • Mapping and identification of key players and power centers in Iranian energy sector

  • Updates on international involvements in the Iranian energy sector

  • Iran’s new investment regulations and contract frameworks; Iran Petroleum Contracts (IPC)

  • Information on Iran’s approach to future energy markets

  • Information and analysis on the decision making process within the National Iranian Oil Company, particularly identification of the key players and power brokers

We also have an extensive knowledge and insights on international sanctions and US government policy towards Iran. Our offerings include:

  • Updates on congressional action regarding Iran
  • Updates on administration policy and action on Iran

  • Due diligence and critical compliance services