SVB Energy International


SVB Energy is a distinguished global strategic energy-consulting firm founded in 2012, with offices strategically located in Washington D.C. and Dubai. Leveraging a rich tapestry of expertise, SVB Energy International has solidified its presence as a trailblazer in both macro and micro-energy fields. With an impressive two-decade legacy, our firm stands as a beacon of excellence, providing invaluable data and analysis that positions us as a major leading source of reliable information on global energy markets, strategy, and policy analysis.

At SVB Energy International, our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our dedicated team of professionals, whose collective experience has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. As we navigate the complexities of the dynamic energy landscape, our mission is clear: to empower our clients with unparalleled insights and strategic solutions, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving global energy arena. Join us on this journey as we continue to shape the future of energy with innovation, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.


At SVB Energy International, our expertise is the bedrock of our commitment to excellence. With Dr. Sara Vakhshouri at the helm, our team proudly possesses extensive experience in the energy industry. Specializing in global energy market studies, energy strategy, security, and geopolitical risk, we bring a wealth of knowledge that extends from advising governments on strategic energy initiatives to collaborating with public and private entities and esteemed international organizations like the IMF, World Bank, IEF, IEA and EIA.

Our proficiency is not only demonstrated in our strategic energy consulting services but is also deeply rooted in our commitment to addressing global challenges through SVB Green Access, a non-profit organization promoting inclusive and affordable energy solutions. Our experienced team, with the help of our vast network in these countries, provides Our Clients with detailed studies of energy industries and country-specific domestic politics. Join us as we leverage our expertise to navigate the complexities of the energy industry and shape a sustainable future.


At SVB Energy International, our success is anchored in the expertise of our accomplished team, boasting a diverse background and comprehensive industrial capabilities. Committed to delivering world-class research and analysis, our professionals bring a wealth of experience and a dynamic work culture to the forefront.

The foundation of our achievements lies in the team's dedication and industry knowledge. Many of our members hold post-graduate degrees in disciplines such as Business Management, Petroleum Engineering, Statistics and Economics, IT and Data Science, International Relations, and Geopolitics, alongside a talented cadre of professional writers and graphic designers. With a collaborative spirit that thrives on multicultural and multilingual capacities, encompassing proficiency in English, Arabic, Farsi, Japanese, and Italian, our team seamlessly collaborates across borders and time zones.

Motivated by a shared commitment to excellence, SVB Energy International's professionals consistently meet clients' diverse needs and deadlines, ensuring a responsive and globally attuned approach to every project.


Dr. Sara Vakhshouri, is the visionary founder and president of SVB Energy International, a distinguished strategic energy consulting firm with offices in Washington D.C. and Dubai.

Dr. Vakhshouri is also the driving force behind SVB Green Access, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing affordable and inclusive energy programs to areas grappling with energy poverty, coupled with inadequate or future anticipated challenges in accessing safe water. With an illustrious career spanning two decades in the energy industry, Dr. Vakhshouri is a recognized expert in global energy market studies, energy strategy, energy security, and geopolitical risk.
Her extensive experience includes providing consultation to numerous governments on their energy strategies, advising both public and private entities, and collaborating with international organizations such as the IMF and World Bank. Additionally, Dr. Vakhshouri imparts her wealth of knowledge as a Professor of Energy Security at the Institute of World Politics, further solidifying her commitment to shaping the next generation of leaders in the energy sector.

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